Greetings from the Chief

I would like to warmly welcome our citizens and
netizens visiting our Open Mayor’s Office

Seo-gu Daejeon District Office is the administrative center where various public offices including Daejeon City Hall, a court of law and Public Prosecutor’s Office are located.

It is also the cradle of Daejeon culture that houses the Daejeon Arts Center, the Daejeon Museum of Art and the Pyoung Song Youth Center and a central district of the city where financial institutions and distributors are concentrated.

Our 500,000 citizens are living in an ideal place with mountains as a magnificent backdrop and waters of the rivers flowing through the city. Daejeon is truly blessed to have such surrounding mountains as Mt. Gubong and Mt. Jangtae as well as the three major rivers of Daejeon including the Gap River, Daejeon River and Yudeung River.

As Mayor of Seo-gu, a dynamic district, I will do my best to realize a strong local government based on a warm-hearted, clean, transparent, magnanimous and well-prepared administration.

All our citizens are free to participate in the era of local autonomy represented by grassroots democracy. I will thus fulfill my responsibility with sincerity and pay attention to what our citizens have to say. As Mayor of Seo-gu, I will share joys and sorrows with citizens and do my utmost to serve our residents to the best of my ability.

I would like you to be assured that our dreams for Seo-gu will come true and together we shape a new future with happy hearts.

I hope that you will visit our Open Mayor’s Office as often as possible in the future and wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Thank you.

Jong-tae Chang, Mayor of Seo-gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City Park Hwan-yong